Anceriz Engineering (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1977 by Fernando da Silva Anceriz who remains Chairman. Since its inception, Anceriz Engineering (Pty) Ltd has had consistent and outstanding growth in people, assets and profitability. The company continues to grow and diversify but retains its focus. Our personalised service to our client is something we constantly try to improve and to be the best at what we do. Our philosophy is to constantly strive to improve ourselves, our products and our client relationships. We believe in structured hard work. Extraordinary individual commitment to a common goal is always rewarded and anything less than the best is simply unacceptable. Client satisfaction is paramount to the business.


our mission

“Innovative Quality Precision Engineering Saving Time and Money”

our pledge

We pledge to:

  • Deliver professional service
  • Provide expert advice
  • Deliver tangiable value to our clients
  • Absolute integrity, confidentiality and loyalty to all our clients
  • Fearless commitment to client success
  • Recognition of the client’s role in our ongoing success
  • Unreserved sharing of knowledge and technology

  • Our experienced, ability, professional attitude and loyal client base has generated considerable ongoing
    growth. Anceriz Engineering (Pty) Ltd value system dictates that our people always conduct themselves
    with the utmost integrity and professionalism. They are encouraged to embrace change, anticipate the
    future and be innovative in every aspect of their work. We are extremely proud of our outstanding staff
    and believe that their attitude reflects their pride at being part of the Anceriz Engineering (Pty) Ltd family.
    Products and


    The Company provides a wide range of precision engineering services within the controls of the latest Quality Management Systems on the market. Capabilities are high and the company is able to meet the most complex production task to budget and on time. Anceriz has an established and proven record in providing quality engineering performance. Established over 40 years, the firm has broad experience that can be applied to many industrial applications. Its factory is primarily dedicated to precision turning, milling, drilling, grinding (to name a few) utilising the mixture of CNC and conventional equipment that allows it to offer an unusually wide range of machining sizes in many diverse materials. Our Client base ranges from the automotive, rail, rolling mills, mining equipment, agriculture to the pulp and paper industries.