Surface Grinding

Surface Grinding

Surface Grinding
We have large surface grinders to achieve high accuracy in heavy industrial use. Our surface grinders operate on a Max. length of 3000mm(3meters) by 700mm wide at a max height of 500mm. We can grind very large surfaces down to sizes within 0.05 of a millimetre.(very high precision on large components)

Examples of our Surface Grinding

  • Basically any flat surface within our rage (very broad)

  • External and Internal bore grinders

  • We grind any round external surfaces up to 500mm in diameter and 2.5m in length, with a vast variety of different sized grinders
  • Our grinder have the capability of grinding extremely accurately even on tapers we achieve tolerances within 0.02mm on long lengths
  • Internal grinding of bores is done in-house with a maximum inside diameter of 500mm and lengthy 1m depth (specialized grinding arm extensions). We also grind internal tapers on these sizes.

  • Examples of external and internal grinding

  • Matching pressurized taper couplings
  • Long high revolution balanced shaft external grinding
  • High precision bush grinding
  • Tapered pin grinding